How to collaborate with Google Keep notes

If you’re looking for a simple collaboration tool, you might find Google Keep is the bare-minimum you’ve been after. There are so many ways to collaborate. You could dive right into the deep end with Microsoft Teams or Slack , you can deploy a full-blown on-premises cloud server with Nextcloud, or you could roll your […]

How to change the resolution in Google Meet

If you prefer your video conference meetings to look good, Google Meet has you covered. With a couple of clicks, you can improve the send and receive resolution. Jack Wallen shows you how. By now, you’ve realized that video conferencing has become the new norm. In fact, you’re probably holding various types of remote meetings […]

How to get the most out of the iOS 13 printing system

Learn how to print to PDF while on the go and even do custom printing options like labels or manage existing print jobs scheduled through AirPrint right on your iOS 13 devices. Image: Apple, Inc. We’ve previously covered how to print on iOS even when you don’t have a compatible AirPrint printer, but did you […]

How to perform a GAP analysis and why you should

A GAP analysis can let you know where your company is struggling and help you move in the right direction. Image: z_wei, Getty Images/iStockphoto How can you know if your business is performing as expected? One reliable way is perform a GAP analysis. If your company is looking for a way to evaluate its current […]

How to install the Go language on Linux

Go is the go-to language for distributed and highly scalable servers. If you’re looking to start working with this language on Linux, Jack Wallen has you covered. Go is one programming language that’s on the rise. In fact, according to Popularity of Programming Languages, Go is at No. 14 and steadily climbing up the ranks. […]