Talent skills gap: This is what should your company focus on during a crisis

If your company has a skills gap, should it focus on employee strengths or weaknesses when trying to decide who to hire and retain? A little of both. taa22, Getty Images/iStockPhoto Filling skills gaps under normal conditions is a routine challenge for most companies and human resources departments. But during times of crisis, like the […]

Four vital security policies keep company networks safe

IT departments need to have rules in place to cover shadow IT, VPN use, and SSL management as well as a robust security incident response plan. Taking time to develop IT policies is an investment in the future that not only will reduce stress on the IT team but keep networks safer. With more employees […]

English company modernizes Phantoms, Bentleys and Jaguars with electric engines

Lunaz rebuilds classic cars from the metal frame up to add charging ports, batteries, and Wi-Fi. The auto engineering company Lunaz rebuilt this Jaguar XK120 from the frame up to add an electric powertrain, charging ports, and Wi-Fi. Image: Lunaz An English company is making classic cars green by replacing gas engines with electric ones. […]

How well does your company navigate data privacy?

Take this quick, multiple choice survey and tell us about how your company manages its data privacy. From the music we listen to and videos we watch to the social media we comment on and the devices we wear–companies are collecting more data about us than ever before.  While data gathering continues to grow, so […]

Open source scale and sprawl: This compliance company has a new way to tackle it

Commentary: Open source has never been more popular, which makes keeping track of it in an M&A deal so much harder than it used to be. Image: boygovideo, Getty Images/iStockphoto There’s no such thing as 100% proprietary software anymore. Virtually all software, whatever its end-user license, includes open source code under a wide variety of […]

Beep! Too close! How one company is using wearable devices to keep staff safe as they return to work

HR software firm Personio is using wearable devices to help staff return safely to the office. How to safely navigate the return to work is a subject keeping many managers – and their employees – awake at night. With traditional office working having been upended by COVID-19, companies must now figure out how they can […]

Your company needs AI training: Here’s how to get it for free

Just because you don’t have a large training budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t democratize your AI. Here are some ways to get the training your staff needs. Image: KOHb, Getty Images/iStockphoto More about artificial intelligence Organizations failing to adopt AI risk falling behind in their markets. Even without the budget for it, advancing the AI […]

Analytics company looking to get people paid for their streaming data

As bills languish in Congress that would force marketers to be more transparent about data value, the startup Streamlytics wants to fill the gap by getting users a cut. Streaming sites have seen record-setting viewing numbers since the onset of the coronavirus forced millions into their homes. Streaming growth over the past five years has […]