Data breaches decline 33% in the first half of 2020

The Identity Theft Resource Center projects 2020 is on pace to see the lowest number of breaches and exposures since 2015. Source: Identity Theft Resource Center Publicly reported US identity compromises dropped 33% in the first half of 2020 compared to the first half of 2019, according to research released Tuesday by the nonprofit Identity […]

New Google Cloud tech gives users control of data confidentiality

Confidential computing encrypts data in use as it’s being processed and keeps that data encrypted in memory and elsewhere outside the CPU. Image: Dongyu Xu / Getty Images Google Cloud just launched a new technology that encrypts data while it’s being processed: Confidential computing, which also keeps data encrypted in memory, as well as outside […]

Google Cloud unveils new features to enhance security and compliance for sensitive data

Confidential VMs and Assured Workloads for Government are both designed for highly regulated and security-sensitive industries. Image: Dongyu Xu / Getty Images Google Cloud is introducing two new capabilities aimed at organizations struggling to ensure the security and regulatory compliance of data stored in the cloud. Announced on Tuesday, the two features are Confidential VMs […]

4 tips for using data visualization in a board presentation

Knowing how to convey your message in a presentation is key to helping a board understand why your pitch is important. Here’s how to do it. Image: yucelyilmaz, Getty Images/iStockphoto Whether you’re dealing with big data or standard data, a picture is worth a thousand words. With data visualization techniques, data can be formulated into […]

Top 5 biases to avoid in data science

In data science, there are some important unconscious biases to steer clear of. Tom Merritt lists five biases for data scientists to keep in mind. Bias isn’t necessarily bad–it’s our mind’s way of being able to make a decision quick. It’s an evolutionary advantage. For example, I have an absolute bias against walking out in […]

Why it’s important to operationalize big data into daily tasks

Big data analytics can do more than just deliver reports to decision makers. It can help with a company’s day-to-day work, too. William87, Getty Images/iStockphoto Big data analytics is no longer a nice thing to have for enterprises: It’s now mission-critical. In 2019, Veritas said, “In just a few years, big data has advanced from […]

3 big data lessons from a COVID-19 mapping and modeling project

Gathering data at the speed of life can make it hard to discern real information from a large amount of input. One data modeling and mapping project was able to make it work. Image: libre de droit, Getty Images/iStockphoto Finding a single version of the truth on the epidemiology of COVID-19 has proven elusive during […]

Build your own home data center to help re-engage your technical brain

As technology leaders it’s easy to get disconnected from the technology part of our role. Here are three simple home technology projects to experiment with. Image: takasuu, Getty Images/iStockphoto Like many who have been staying closer to home these past several months, I’ve embarked on all manner of projects. From building an overly elaborate tree […]

Challenges facing data science in 2020 and four ways to address them

Finding value in data, integrating open source software, a small talent pool, and ethical concerns around data were found to be trouble areas in a new state of data science report. Data volume analysis and computer science industry.3d illustration Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto A report on the state of data science from software firm Anaconda finds […]

Google’s new healthcare API better enables data interoperability, critical to fighting COVID-19

Joe Corkery, Google Cloud product management director, explains how the new API will help developers scale healthcare solutions. Dan Patterson, senior producer for CNET and CBS News, spoke with Joe Corkery, director of product management, healthcare and life science, Google Cloud, about the use of machine learning in healthcare applications. The following is an edited […]