Zoom: We’ve delivered on all of our security and privacy promises, apart from one

CEO Eric Yuan said the company had been working to improve safety, privacy and security, but has pushed back the date for its transparency report. The meteoric rise of videoconferencing platform Zoom during the global lockdowns was accompanied by criticism of its cybersecurity standards. As more remote workers turned to Zoom for business meetings, virtual […]

How well does your company navigate data privacy?

Take this quick, multiple choice survey and tell us about how your company manages its data privacy. From the music we listen to and videos we watch to the social media we comment on and the devices we wear–companies are collecting more data about us than ever before.  While data gathering continues to grow, so […]

Customers don’t want to give up their data due to privacy concerns, Okta finds

A global survey found few consumers trust data collection, even if it could serve social good. Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto A report of consumer opinions about privacy finds that very few are willing to give up personal data despite not having a solid grasp on what constitutes their digital identity. The report from the multifactor authentication […]

IBM Research releases differential privacy library that works with machine learning

The open-source repository is unique in that most tasks can be run with only a single line of code, according to the company. Image: nantonov, Getty Images/iStockphoto Differential privacy has become an integral way for data scientists to learn from the majority of their data while simultaneously ensuring that those results do not allow any […]

WWDC 2020 highlights: Gartner analyst discusses App Clips, privacy, and more

Gartner’s Tuong Nguyen weighs in on Apple’s announcements at WWDC 2020, virtual conferences, and augmented reality. TechRepublic’s Karen Roby spoke with Gartner analyst Tuong Nguyen about Apple’s WWDC 2020. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.  Tuong Nguyen: [At the keynote] you miss out on things like the audience clapping and cheering–that wasn’t […]

Most Americans are willing to forego personal data privacy to combat the spread of COVID-19

A KPMG survey also found that baby boomers were more to allow employers to take their temperature, compared to Gen X and millennials. Image: iStockphoto/oatawa Three in four Americans (75%) are thinking more about data privacy issues amid the COVID-19 pandemic, yet most are willing to share their personal information to keep others safe and […]

CCPA: How to prepare for California’s new privacy law before enforcement starts July 1

Companies need to look for PII across all corporate data silos and consider building an automated system to respond to requests from consumers, experts say. Image: Cristian Storto Fotografia Getty Images/iStockphoto For businesses preparing to comply with California’s new data privacy law, the first challenge is figuring out how much data is covered by the […]

How to use the Whonix advanced security and privacy distribution

Whonix is a Linux desktop dedicated to absolute security and privacy. Find out how to use this unique take on the desktop operating system. Image: iStockphoto/marchmeena29 In today’s world, security and privacy have become incredibly important to both businesses and consumers. For some, it doesn’t seem to matter what we do as there’s always a […]

How to reset a user’s privacy permissions on macOS and iOS

There are times when privacy permissions become corrupt or misconfigured. Instead of auditing manually, users can easily reset the permissions database that holds their privacy data. Image: Motortion, Getty Images/iStockphoto Apple is a staunch supporter of privacy rights. The company has championed the cause of privacy on behalf of all the users of its devices—even […]

Why coronavirus contact tracing apps face privacy and security challenges

The apps have to balance the goal of greater accuracy vs. respecting the privacy of their users, according to Check Point Research. Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto Contact tracing apps have been employed in several countries as one way to try to stem the spread of COVID-19. Such apps work by identifying users who’ve tested positive for […]