New Google Cloud tech gives users control of data confidentiality

Confidential computing encrypts data in use as it’s being processed and keeps that data encrypted in memory and elsewhere outside the CPU. Image: Dongyu Xu / Getty Images Google Cloud just launched a new technology that encrypts data while it’s being processed: Confidential computing, which also keeps data encrypted in memory, as well as outside […]

Why the Apache Lucene and Solr “divorce” is better for developers and users

Commentary: A decade ago Apache Lucene and Apache Solr merged to improve both projects. The projects recently split for the same reason, which is a really good thing for users of search services. Image: photo_Pawel, Getty Images/iStockphoto Must-read developer content It’s very possible that you rely on Apache Lucene and Apache Solr every day, whether […]

New Money in Excel template now available in Microsoft 365 for some users

Money in Excel is a free personal finance planning and reporting application that is available for certain Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers. We have the details. Image: PrathanChorruangsak, Getty Images/iStockphoto On June 15, 2020, Arjun Tomar, product marketing manager for Microsoft 365, announced the availability of a new free template called Money in Excel. […]

Popular mobile banking apps are riddled with security flaws, and Android users are more at risk

A study of banking apps for iOS and Android found poor source code protection, cleartext storage of sensitive data, and other serious flaws that make it easy for attackers to break into accounts. Getty Images/iStockphoto A study of banking apps for iOS and Android has led researchers to conclude that “none of the tested mobile […]

Microsoft Teams and Skype users can now chat together

Microsoft has completed rolling out Teams/Skype interoperability, allowing users of one app to collaborate with users on the other. Communicating across Microsoft apps gets a little easier today as the company finishes making Teams and Skype interoperable. This means Teams users can now chat and call with Skype users, and vice versa. Microsoft announced it […]

How to reset a user’s privacy permissions on macOS and iOS

There are times when privacy permissions become corrupt or misconfigured. Instead of auditing manually, users can easily reset the permissions database that holds their privacy data. Image: Motortion, Getty Images/iStockphoto Apple is a staunch supporter of privacy rights. The company has championed the cause of privacy on behalf of all the users of its devices—even […]

Phishing attack impersonates IT staff to target VPN users

A phishing email claims to send the recipient to a VPN configuration page for home access but instead leads them to a credential-stealing site, said Abnormal Security. Image: GrafVishenka, Getty Images/iStockPhotos Cybercriminals have been keen to exploit COVID-19 to create coronavirus-related malicious apps, phony websites, and phishing emails. As the pandemic has triggered a huge […]

TrulySecure biometric solution recognizes users wearing face masks

The platform from Sensory helps people adapt to the COVID-19 world, providing a way to unlock devices without having to remove protective face coverings. Sensory, a speech and biometrics recognition provider, announced a modification to its TrulySecure platform that recognizes users wearing face masks. TrulySecure is the company’s face and voice biometric fusion platform has […]

How to implement augmented analytics–data science experience not required for users

Using augmented analytics can help you pull insight from your big data–but approach it with caution. More about artificial intelligence Conversations about big data and analytics have emphasized the importance of leveraging data for the past decade. What hasn’t been discussed as often is the need to leverage the ability of people to understand data […]